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2nd Annual Art Symposium

Influence of
the Italian Renaissance
on Contemporary
Western Culture

This year Artist and Director Anna Neis personally selected three students from various schools in New Jersey – Kelly Jiang, 14, Taisia Ivanova, 19, and Caitlin Petty, 20 – who showed both artistic ability and a desire to increase their knowledge of art history. The central theme of the symposium focuses on how the Italian Renaissance has influenced contemporary culture of the Western world, and through both sketching and journaling the students will be analyzing this topic in individual ways.


May 31, 2014

June 27, 2014

Philadelphia Museum of Art

"Italian Renaissance" presentation by
Suzannah Niepold, Museum Educator

Visit to Atelier for Sacred Arts Studio. Discussion with Artist and Director Anthony Viscov on how Florentine Approach to
sculpture has influenced his work

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July 2-12, 2014

Florence, Italy

Influence of the Italian Renaissance on the Contemporary Western Culture

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July-August 2014

Princeton Art Museum